GPT-95×3 – Multi-channel Hipot Tester

Discover the Efficiency of GPT-95x3 for Multi-Channel Safety Testing, GW Instek GwINSTEK




GPT-9503: Ch1~8 is selectable for either HV output or non-used,
share the same RETURN terminal
Applications in general electronic components, such as capacitors, inductors, wires …
Conduct component hi-pot test at both ends to provide a basic test requirements for single time
/ mass-quantity.


GPT-9513: Ch1~8 is selectable for HV output, L- RETURN or non-used
Providing product a multi-step safety testing requirement such as modules, transformers, and
motors which reduce the testing risk of customer operation line change.


  • 8CH for ACW/DCW/IR
    150VA output capacity with 8 channels for ACW/DCW/IR (3-in-1) tests. A
    single unit performs multi-points tests or Auto Scan tests without conducting
    with external scanner box
  • Graphic TFT LCD
    4.3” color TFT LCD, resolution 480*272.
    Large graphic screen provides user-friendly operation interface during
    operating or setting test parameters and provides more complete
    measurement information either
  • Testing condition copy function
    The front panel USB host can access saved testing condition of GPT-9500,
    and then copy to other GPT-9500 which can quick replication and
    expansion of production line equipment.
  • Statistics
    On screen display of the numbers of total tests (TOTAL) and failures
    (FAIL) without extra counter
  • Flexible Channel output for setting
    1. Different output voltage for different channel can be set
    2. Auto scan mode for sequential tests of HV output to Return channel
  • Safety
    Channels are located at the rear panel of the product to prevent the
    operator from the HV electric shock. The rear panel outputs can
    also maintain the neatness of the fixture wiring. Disconnection
    detection function is available to prevent the wiring disconnection or
  • Advanced
    Same as GPT-10000 series hardware design, high capacitive load
    testing capability, ARC detection and continuity check function…

GW GPT-95×3 introduction