GDS-200/300 series compact oscilloscopes 100MHz – 200MHz

GW instek series of compact portable oscilloscopes from GW instek, thin with a high-quality and large 7 “color touch screen, which allows any engineer to switch between laboratories in the building, GW Instek GwINSTEK



GDS-200/300 Series The compact digital oscilloscopes New concept developed by GW Instek, with 7 “LCD screen Full touch capability,
panel that can be placed lengthwise and widthwise. Battery technology makes the series easy to operate and portable.
The GDS300 / 200 series is suitable for laboratories, research and development GDS-200/300 Series, with two analog signal input channels,
one more advanced, or standard that come with width, 70MHz, 100MHz and 200MHz band.
The maximum sampling rate per channel is 1GSa / s and the memory depth is 5Mpts.
The oscilloscope is equipped with a digital multimeter with 50,000 counts and the GDS200 series for 5,000 digits,
which can simultaneously measure and track AC and DC voltage and current, and temperature.
Rising trend for an extended period of time that allows engineers to effectively monitor standard electrical parameters
while measuring signals in a basic circuit. Users can also easily apply the oscilloscope as a very convenient USB storage device
for storing waveform images and raw data. In addition, an oscilloscope can be connected with smartphones to transmit the recorded data.
Engineers are aware of thoughtful designs’ GW Instek Oscilloscope using a variety of application software.
Advanced DMM function and GO / NOGO format editing make it easier for users to perform advanced diverse measurement functions.
Users of an engineering calculator, attenuation calculation analysis, and help analysis resistance indication apply auxiliary
functions that demonstrate the idea of ​​a strong and comprehensive technological integration.

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