Ls Lx AC power source

The Ls / LX series is an entirely new product based on the old and popular L series of California Instruments. Both the Ls and Lx models feature multiple capabilities as a basic or advanced AC source, AMETEK ametek


California Instruments’ series of suppliers, manufactured under AMETEK Programmable Power, founded by California Instruments,

The old series of voltage instruments from California Instruments, with updates and innovations from Elgar brought to this series of suppliers, you can choose a model from the supplier 3KW to 18KW, with single-phase or three-phase output, in voltage ranges 0-270 / 0-300 / 0-400 according to the settings The purchase. In addition to working capabilities as a reliable and stable voltage source, the supplier has advanced measurement capabilities with an accuracy of 0.01% of the measurement, parameters measured voltage, current, power triangle, peak currents, angles, waveforms and more. Which saves a lot of time in the lab, no equipment other than the power is needed for measurements.

The unit receives power from mains voltage, the voltage enters through a filter, and is rectified to direct voltage, from direct voltage a new AC voltage is built with 1024 points, with a harmonic distortion of 0.01% THD, which allows use as an accurate reference source, or as a voltage stabilizer in areas where the voltage source is unstable .

This capability allows for taking a waveform from an oscilloscope, and injecting the desired wave through one of the phases of the power supply, as well as interrupting, or harmonics at different frequencies, simply a complete workstation.

The carrier comes as standard with advanced software, and RS232 + USB communication, LAN / GPIB communication can be selected for connection at automatic test stations.

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