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The overall solution for saving energy and enhancing the industrial facility electrical network power quality

Shany-Tech established the energy and infrastructure solutions department in 2006 at the based on Israeli Power Quality solutions that developed locally by Elspec.
The department is managed by electrical engineer Shlomo Ohion, having 32 years of experience in complex projects from low-voltage industrial control, maintenance, and failure detection in electrical facilities to the construction, operation and maintenance of high-voltage infrastructure and high-voltage power stations at ICL Ltd.  within the Israel Chemicals Group.
The Energy solutions department provides projects management from the planning stage including the integration of smart systems designed by the company’s engineering team or complementary products from the best manufacturers in Israel and the world for voltage stabilization and reaction for disturbances and other faults in the electricity network.
Energy efficiency systems, Passive and active filters for harmonics filtering, red and black filters for power and communication networks in defense and commercial sectors
The company manages projects under professional liability insurance and product liability at all stages of the project and offer a comprehensive solution, Turnkey, starting from the survey and analysis phase, through deployment, testing, hand over to the customer and provide training and accompanying the factory staff members throughout the post installation period.

The project team at Shany-Tech, includes Senior electrical engineers with extensive experience will plan the proposed system with reference to unique requirements of the customer and specific to the facility where it will be installed after conducting a survey and feasibility tests.
Following the survey, energy and cost savings and ROI can be presented and guaranteed.
Shany-Tech has extensive experience in providing complex and unique solutions, the number of installations in Israel and our satisfied customers will testify to this.

Energy efficiency and consumption saving in the range of 5% and 13% can be achieved depending on the factory infrastructure, The number of machines and the main power consumers in the factory and its maintenance.

The reduction in power consumption in favor of infrastructure redundancy would able production increase without the need for infrastructure expansion and associated costs.

Continuous stabilization of the voltage to an optimal level while correcting transient, flickers and fluctuations and compensate voltage dips and micro-outages reduces the effect of disturbances and prevents network faults.

Reducing power demand peaks to extend the lifetime of the transformers in the infrastructure.

Preventing breakdowns in the factory infrastructure and more importantly – downtime.

Preventing breakdowns in the factory infrastructure and more importantly – downtime.

Offering Smart transformers with automatic stabilization and with no power interruption.

Short Return on investment (ROI) typically 1.5 to 3 years according to the savings and improvement one asks to achieve.


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