Quite simply the Isotech TTI-22 High Accuracy Thermometer sets new standards in the price to performance ratio for industrial and secondary resistance thermometry. If you need high accuracy at an affordable price you have to look at the TTI-22.

The TTI-22 has an accuracy of 0.001°C and a resolution of 0.0001°C (0.00004 Ohms). It has two input channels, is lightweight (1.8kg) and will operate for more than 10 hours from two small AA cells. It has both RS232 and Ethernet ports. Simple to use, supporting both Industrial 100 Ohm probe and SPRTs to ITS-90, 25.5 and 100 Ohm. Up to 30 probe calibrations can be stored along with the calibration expiry date so the instrument can warn when the calibration time has been exceeded. Built in statistics calculation can show you both the measured and average values along with the standard deviation over previous measurements. The Isotech TTI-22 is ideal as a reference standard alongside liquid calibration baths, for the smallest uncertainty calibration with Dry Blocks or for demanding stand alone measurement applications. Previously this level of performance was confined to specialist laboratories with expensive thermometry bridges; TTI-22 delivers 5 to 10 times the performance of comparably priced instruments.

  • The TTI-22 uses the same patented measurement technique as the earlier TTI-2
  • Each measurement performs a zero point and gain correction
  • The switched polarity DC measuring current (0.4mA) eliminates thermal EMFs
  • Surface mount construction ensures long term reliability

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TTI-22 Data Sheet

TTI-22 Data Sheet pdf
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